Brick Trowel

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If you are looking for a professional brick trowel, look no further. At Limebase, we have the Rolson Brick Trowel for all your bricklaying needs.

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The Rolson Brick Trowel is a great addition to any professional’s tool collection, as it comes complete with a hard-wearing wooden handle and a 28cm x 13cm hardened and tempered steel trowel blade. The ergonomic design will allow the user to work with comfort and ease for longer periods of time. The sturdy design and durable materials mean you can be sure this handy tool will withstand the test of time. Any professional knows that using the right trowel for the job makes all the difference.

Bricklaying trowels are specifically designed to help bricklayers achieve the best possible results. These trowels are suitable for domestic or commercial use and can be adjusted to different brick sizes. Trowels with pointed noses help you spread mortar on concrete blocks or bricks precisely, and the range includes a variety of trowels for specific purposes. So whatever you are working on, whether in a professional environment or for your own projects at home, you should find exactly what you need.

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