Fine Red Building Sand (2mm down) – FRS

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Fine red sand can be applied to brick, block, and masonry work. This fine sand is used to provide a red colour and is suitable for smaller joints where our coarse red sand is unsuitable. The particle sizes in red building sand range from 2mm down to 0mm. Red-washed building sand that, when mixed with lime putty, can be used in all aspects of building work, such as brick-laying, block-laying, and slab-laying. The result is a very workable mortar which is easy to point, resulting in a high-quality finish.

This sand has been washed to remove impurities, thus producing clean sand that is even in colour and has a consistent grading. Our sand provides excellent value because it is of high quality and is consistent in grading for ease of handling and laying. Use our sand to achieve a high-quality finish on your new building or renovation projects.

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