Ham Stone Coarse Building/Pointing Lime Putty Mortar – GM146

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The history of lime mortar

Lime mortar is the traditional choice for stone and brick buildings but over the years has often been replaced by Portland cement based mortars. 

Although stronger, Portland cement based mortars don’t always work as sympathetically with other substances. In many cases, the strength can cause degradation of the original materials, requiring the work to be redone. 

This is why many builders are returning to using lime mortars, to protect the original brickwork and to take advantage of the many qualities that lime mortar has to offer. 

Why choose lime mortar?

Although not as strong as cement mortar, lime mortar has a flexibility which allows it to gently move with the structure, absorbing moisture and preventing cracks from appearing in masonry. What many people don’t realise is this provides more protection for the building than simply using a stronger mortar like cement. 

Lime mortar is a greener alternative to cement as it can be recycled and used again. This means that any brickwork or stonework with lime mortar attached can also be recycled. This isn’t the case with cement mortar, as the bricks can only be ground down and used for hardcore. 

Produced at a lower temperature, lime mortar takes less energy to produce, creating less carbon dioxide in the process. 

Lime mortar is more attractive to look at and is available in a range of finishes and colours. 

Choose our coarse mortar

Our coarse mortar is honey coloured and suitable for a range of construction projects including in laying stone, pointing and rendering. 

Available in a 25kg bag but also offered for pre-order in half tonne and one tonne dumpy bags. Please contact us for more information.