NHL5 St Astier Natural Hydraulic Lime 25kg

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NHL5 Natural Hydraulic Lime is versatile and can be used for various interior and exterior masonry applications.

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NHL5 Natural Hydraulic Lime from St. Astier is best used in highly exposed areas on hard masonry and stone. When mixed with sand and water to form a hydraulic lime mortar, it can set in around 24 hours if the conditions are right. It has several properties that make it a good choice for certain applications, hydraulic lime is a fine, off-white powder that is calcined from siliceous chalk or limestone.

Since it can offer a quicker and harder finish, it is frequently used for exterior and exposed portions like chimneys, copings, and river and canal works. The perfect blend of elasticity and mechanical strength defines hydraulic lime. This hydraulic lime is classed as eminently hydraulic, this means it is the hardest type of hydraulic lime and its characteristics are similar to cement.

Natural Hydraulic Lime is available in 25kg bags. Order yours today. If you have questions regarding this product, please contact our sales team.