Plasterers Choice Super Fine Skim – FP28

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Plasterer’s Choice Super Fine Skim is the perfect finish for any project—whether you’re working on an old or new build. One tub is sufficient to plaster an area of roughly 4-5 m2 when applied 1.5-3mm thick.

Plastering can be difficult without proper materials, and having our plasterer’s choice finish can make a big difference. Plasterers’ choice skim coat is the perfect finish for any project. It works with any of our base coat plasters to give an ultra-smooth, neutral-coloured finish, which can be left as is, or lime-washed for a beautiful, breathable finish. Plasterer’s choice skim is incredibly easy to use—it just needs a quick spin up with a paddle mixer or by hand and it’s ready to apply directly to the wall. Once it’s cured, it can be lime painted, limewashed or just left as is for a neutral finish.

Plasterer’s choice skim coat is perfect for application over our base coat plasters to create a smooth finish ready for you to limewash. Using this finish can be an excellent way to create a breathable skim coat finish, leaving you with a surface that looks fantastic and can flex with your home—unlike cement renders.

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