St Astier Lime Paint 338 5L

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When it comes to matching the aesthetics of a building, our St Astier Lime Paint is the perfect option. Designed by specialists, it offers the perfect coverage and matches to befit many traditional homes. The goal is always to ensure renovation and repair work matches the original finish to maintain the historical value.

Supplied in clear tubs for easy identification, this paint must be prepared on site. Mix 5 litres of paint with water filled to the level marked on the tub for the ideal consistency. It is versatile enough to be applied by a brush – which works best on your specific surface. This large tub is capable of covering between 6-12 meters per litre, depending on the surface and the background you are working on.

St Astier lime paints are non-toxic and proven not to harm the environment. This particular blend comes in the colour 338, a soft cream colour which perfectly matches that of past centuries. By using a product such as this, you can best match the existing finish and the story that goes hand-in-hand with any classic, historical building.

The team at Limebase have over 25 years of experience in the conservation and repair of historic buildings. This enables us to manufacture products that match in consistency, finish and colour. If you have any questions or queries about our St Astier paints, contact the team here at Limebase today.