St Astier Lime Paint 340 5L

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St Astier Lime Paint is the ideal solution for the restoration and repair of historic buildings. With a non-toxic blend, it won’t harm the environment and allows you to perfectly colour match any room. This ensures that classic and traditional buildings maintain their integrity and structural design.

We supply this paint in clear tubs and in quantities of 5 litres. In colour, 340, it has a peachy-tinge to it and one that can be used in many different rooms. For convenience, apply with either a brush or spray tool depending on the finish you’re looking for. To achieve the best results, prepare 5 litres of paint by adding water to the level marked on the tub. We recommend you carry out sample trials beforehand to determine the compatibility and suitability before embarking on large-scale works.

When used appropriately, these large tubs can cover between 6 – 12 meters per litre. This result is dependant on the background and the finish you’re looking to achieve. Achieving the perfect match is vital when maintaining the look and feel of a building. This also means you can hold on to a buildings history and the story that has accompanied it for many years.

Limebase has over 25 years of experience in the manufacture and design of traditional building materials. This gives us the knowledge needed to best guide you towards the right solution. If you have any questions about our St Astier Lime Paints, contact us today.