St Astier Lime Paint 345 5L

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The St Astier Lime Paint 345 5L has a specialist blend, designed to work best on historical buildings. Offering suitable coverage on a range of different surfaces, it has been carefully blended to achieve the perfect colour. 345 has a dark pink tone to it – one that is popular to many decades and can be hard to match with traditional paints. Here, this traditional colour can be used to match historical finishes and to maintain the integral value of older buildings.

For easy identification, St Astier paint is provided in large clear tubs. We recommend the paint is mixed on site and it is tested on inconspicuous areas before embarking on large scale projects. On average, the 5-litre tub will cover between 6-12 meters per litre, depending on the surface texture and painting environment. To prepare, mix 5 litres of paint with water filled to the level marked on the tub. This will provide suitable consistency and the desired colour.

For peace of mind, these paints are non-toxic and environmentally friendly. When applied adjacent to existing walls, they are designed to achieve a historical look and allow a building to maintain its individual charm. Limebase prides itself on sourcing and developing products tailored towards historic restoration projects. In doing so, we hope that iconic buildings and those enriched with history stay intact for many years to come. If you have any questions about the St Astier Lime Paint 345 5L, contact us here today.