St Astier Lime Paint 346 5L

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For the perfect match on historical buildings, choose the St Astier Lime Paint 346 5L. Designed specifically for restoration purposes, this tailored-made paint offers both traditional colour and suitable coverage. As part of the online range here at Limebase, it strives to ensure that the integral beauty of older buildings is maintained for as long as possible.

346 has a light grey-green colour – ideal for interior and exterior use alike. It has been provided in clear tubs, ensuring quick identification of the specific hue. We recommend the paint is tested on an inconspicuous area prior to being used on large scale products. This will ensure you can appropriately match and alter the colour to suit your needs. Provided in a large 5L pot, it can be quickly prepared on site. Add water into the pot up to the level marked on the side for the ideal consistency. For most walls and surfaces, this paint can cover 6-12 square meters per litre, dependant on the background and painting conditions.

St Astier paints are non-toxic and do not harm the environment. They can be used alongside other restorative means to bring buildings such as homes, churches or halls back to their original charm and beauty. Here at Limebase, we pride ourselves in the quality products we provide to our customers. If you have any questions about these paints or any of the other products in our online store, contact us today. We’ll be happy to help you match colours or find the building material needed for an individual job.