Limebase pride themselves in being experts in our field. Over the past 25 years, our consultants have built a wealth of knowledge. This helps us to offer the right advice, recommendations, and tips to ensure a smooth building restoration. Our selection of online guides offers up this knowledge around a range of subjects to help customers make informed decisions. We are also passionate about educating people on the historic benefits of ancient building materials, in comparison to those churned out by the ever-growing construction industry.

Within our guides, you will find a catalogue of informational articles. Here, we delve into the different types of lime-based construction materials along with their pros and cons. In some pieces, you will discover more about the history behind each, including interesting facts such as their use in Ancient Egyptian buildings. We will also delve into handy information for those embarking on large-scale restoration projects, using our past experience gained from working on projects such as Exeter Cathedral.

Limebase specialises in the production and supply of materials for historic and traditional buildings. We are proud to manufacture our very own lime putty, using lime sourced from Singleton Birch, Lincolnshire. All of these factors lead us to be one of the UK leading experts in our field and a reliable source for all your restoration questions. Browse our guides online here today. And, get in touch if you have any questions or ideas for additional guides.

Construction,Mason,Worker,With,Spatula,And,Mortar.,Construction,Tools Should I Use Lime Mortar for Pointing

Unveil the timeless craft of pointing with lime mortar, enhancing both durability and architectural charm. Explore Limebase’s premium lime mortars, your unparalleled ally for restoration and new builds alike.

Where to Buy Lime Mortar for Pointing Where to Buy Lime Mortar for Pointing

Pointing in construction plays a pivotal role in ensuring the durability and aesthetic appeal of structures. This guide navigates where to buy lime mortar, emphasising its advantages over cement, and showcases Limebase’s extensive range, ensuring both quality and historical preservation.

How to Make Lime Mortar How to Make Lime Mortar

Knowing the process required to create lime mortar properly can be the make or break of a construction project (literally)!…

Fine Finish Lime Putty Plaster - FP23 A Guide To Lime Plaster

Lime plaster is one of the key materials that we manufacture here at Limebase. And, it forms a vital role…

Haired Medium Coarse Lime Putty Plaster - HP4 Guides to Limes

Read about the different types of limes including hydraulic lime-based mortars, putty lime and more in our guides to lime. Check this guide out today.

Historic_Preservation_Materials_Guide_25-340x340 (1) Historic Preservation Materials Explained

Uncover the details about historic preservation materials and why preservation materials are essential when preserving the original structure of a building.

preserving-old-buildings-340x340 Preserving Old Buildings

When it comes to historical, cultural or buildings of archaeological interest, preserving them is high on the list of objectives. Discover how we preserve old buildings.

lime-repointing-guide-340x340 Lime Repointing: Best Practice

Find out why lime products are the best practise when it comes to repointing a building, especially when it comes to retaining structural integrity.

lime-benefits-340x340 Lime Benefits Explained

Movement, appearance and breathability are some of the benefits of lime products. Check out this guide to discover additional benefits and detailed explanations about lime-based products.

lime-mortar-in-buildings-340x340 Lime Mortar In Buildings

Did you know lime mortar dates back over 6,000 years, as a building material? Discover additional facts about lime mortar in buildings in this detailed guide.

wall-built-stone-cement-mortar-lime-340x340 The History of Lime Mortar

Discover the history of lime mortar in our detailed guide, which explains why one of the world’s oldest construction materials still helps in construction today.

lime-paints-340x340 A Guide to St Astier Lime Paints

When maintaining the appearance of a historic building, during restoration, lime paints are used. This guide discusses why lime paints by St Astier are essential.