Are you searching for more information about our range of lime products? Maybe you want more insight into the different lime paint colours, or you might want to read through some information regarding our lime-based products. No matter the reason, we have a collection of downloadable files that are at your disposal.

With our 25+ years of experience in the industry, we have amassed a collection of data that we have arranged into coherent PDF files and word documents. We share knowledge with you in the files below, for free, as we understand the importance of sharing our expertise where and when we can.

Below you will find free downloaded PDF files or word documents for everything revolving around lime, including lime paint colour cards, health and safety data sheets and more. Each file contains valuable information that you can use to complete or further your building project. You can click on the download icon, next to the relevant title, and the information will be there for you to have forever, for free.

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Title Content Download
SD20 Quicklime Range
SD70 Natural Hydraulic Lime Range
LBP11 Lime Putty
LBP11-01 Super Fine Lime Putty
LBP11-02 Chalk Lime Putty
Singleton Birch Finelime 2
Singleton Birch Natural Hydraulic Lime NHL2
Singleton Birch Natural Hydraulic Lime NHL5
Singleton Birch Natural Hydraulic Lime NHL35
St Astier NHL 2 Safety data sheet 2011
St Astier NHL 5 Safety data sheet 2011
St Astier NHL 35 Safety data sheet 2011
Cornerstone Lime Paint Safety Datasheet
Cornerstone Lime Paint Datasheet