Lime Putty

Lime and Lime Putty has many benefits. It is compatible with historic buildings and traditional building materials like stone, brick, cob and timber. It is a moisture permeable (breathing) material which is very important for building in our damp northern European climate.

Lime can be categorised into two types: hydraulic and lime putty (non-hydraulic). Lime putty is made from kiln burnt limestone, chalk, marble or shell which have a very high calcium carbonate content. Lime putty will only harden (carbonate) in contact with carbon dioxide (present in the air) and can thus be stored indefinitely if kept airtight and wet. Lime putty’s and hydraulic limes can vary in colour depending on the minerals present from white and cream to buff and grey.

As lime and lime mortars are relatively soft materials they can accommodate the movement that effects traditional structures. Lime mortars and plaster especially putty based ones have high plasticity which makes them a pleasure to use. Lime putty mortars can be stored indefinitely in the correct conditions.

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Buxton Super Fine Lime Putty 21L
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Singleton Birch Lime Putty 800kg
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Singleton Birch Lime Putty 21L
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Buxton Quick Lime 15kg bag
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CF16 Fine Crack Filler 250ml
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