Every building will have its own unique requirements, particularly when it comes to lime. We are specialist consultants in all aspects of lime work, and we can work with you through entire projects whether your project is for a new building or a property that is centuries old.

Our initial consultation will begin by talking to you over the phone to gather as much information as we can about the consultancy you need and the advice and information you are seeking. We often ask our clients to send us photographs of the site so we can gain a better understanding of your project and requirements. We will also require at least an oxo sized cube of the original mortar to be sent to us for accurate matching purposes. We can advise on many different areas of lime-based construction and we have worked with a variety of individuals. Our client base for consultancy services includes:

  • Property owners who are undertaking repairs or trying to resolve problems with an old building.
  • An architect or engineer looking to source suitable building materials.
  • Conservation officers who are looking for an exact match or as close as possible when they are undertaking building repairs.
  • Contractors or tradespeople looking for information and advice on application methods or materials.

Our consultancy services are completely tailored to your specific needs and we always undertake a careful analysis of the site before we offer our expert advice. We use our industry expertise and experience of lime products to deliver the best possible advice so you can achieve the most favourable result. Lime is a complex subject but with the right guidance and consultancy from a team of professionals, your project can be delivered to you or your client’s exact specifications.

To find out more about our consultancy services, to ask us a question or simply talk to us about a repair, restoration or building project that you have planned that involves lime, please contact our team and we will be happy to advise.