Lime-based building materials may have had their heyday already, but they still form a vital role in the restoration and renovation of historical buildings. Here at Limebase, we are passionate about manufacturing these products to the highest standards and ensuring developers are able to source the right equipment. It is important to us that buildings are allowed to hold on to their individual story. This means providing materials that can be used to recreate colours, textures and tones. Here in our News section, you’ll learn all about how our team does that and our top tips for getting the most out of your choices.

Read here to learn all you need to know about lime-based products. We’ll introduce you to options such as lime putty, lime wash and hydraulic limes. Our experts will explain the best ways to use many of our products for very specific purposes and provide our expert advice on how to get the best results. Many of our team here have over 40 years of experience in conservation, giving them a unique insight into the demands of older buildings. And with this, we are able to help you keep barns, homes, churches and cathedrals looking as if they were plucked out of a time in history.

You’ll find our new blogs here. We will also keep this page regularly updated with the latest product developments and insider news. If you have any questions about the content found here or any of the lime-based products we have available, get in contact today.

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