If you are looking for a trusted supplier of lime products, we have a significant amount of expertise in this area.

We have been working with clients on all types of projects. When it comes to the mixing process, you can supply us with the material and then provide us with instructions to meet your exact specifications. Certain buildings will require a specific mixture of lime and with our expertise, we can create so many different combinations.

As well as the lime mixing services, we also offer a service that allows you to request the creation of a mortar or plaster. This can also be mixed to meet your specifications choosing from an extensive range of aggregates.

The expertise that we bring to the lime mixing process is second to none. We have been working with clients for many years, assisting with conservation, construction and repair projects using all kinds of lime mixes.

The prices for our mixing services are calculated based on the suitability of the stone. If you require specialist mixing or you would like to supply the materials for the mix, that’s no problem. We can prepare, mix and bag the material to meet your requirements.

If you would like to find out more about our mixing services, the process that we use or the specifications that we can accommodate, please contact our team either by phone or email. We can also offer advice, guidance and support on any aspect of your construction project if you require some specific advice on lime-based products or their use. Our dedicated consultancy services can guide you through the entire process. We look forward to working with you!