• Welcome to Limebase Products Limited

    Limebase Products Limited specialise in the production and supply of a variety of lime based products for use on
    historic and traditional buildings. We manufacture our own lime putty mainly using lime from Singleton Birch in Lincolnshire.



Whilst COVID-19 is an ongoing issue, we will be open Monday-Friday, 7-4 (excluding bank holidays). If you use the "pickup from store" option when checking out we can arrange to leave your goods outside our building for you to collect to ensure safe social distancing.


Welcome to Limebase Products Limited  

Limebase Products Ltd was established in 1994 by Joe and Toby Leach and specialises in the production and supply of a variety of lime based products for use on historic and traditional buildings.  

We have supplied in the past to royal palaces, churches, cathedrals and historically important listed buildings as well as buildings not listed but where the present owners feel it is important not to fix what isn’t broken and allow the building to breath and flex and remain comfortable in its’ own skin, or return a badly maintained building from a suffocating miserable mess to a breathing visual delight.  We pride ourselves on giving the best advice, and take each building on its own merits ie; position, whether it is exposed or sheltered, consider the building material and appropriate mortar or render to be applied. 

Nick Durnan is the company consultant.  He has had over 40 years experience with the conservation and repair of architectural and sculptural stonework on many important historic buildings including Wells, Exeter, Rochester, Canterbury and Salisbury Cathedrals.

Products offered include lime putty, lime mortars, renders and plasters, limewashes and a wide range of best quality earth and mineral pigments.  Our services include mortar analysis and matching, and limewash colour matching.  We offer an advisory service to architects, builders and home owners on the use of lime and on appropriate conservation and repair techniques for stonework and plaster.