You want to ensure that your restoration or construction project is completed to a high standard. Our range of high-quality brushes can help deburr, finish and polish different surfaces. With these brushes, you can smooth the rough edges of ridges of different surfaces, depending on the brush you select.

Our heavy-duty, 4-row wire brushes, for example, are an ideal way to clean up metals or masonry to create the perfect finish. The block brushes we have in our category, on the other hand, are all-purpose, which means they have a long list of uses. For example, you can use block brushes to apply different materials, clean, remove unwanted debris, or scrub a surface.

We also have churn brushes in our collection, which can help when you are damping down the walls before applying lime plaster. Additional brushes in our collection include crevice brushes, which can clear away debris such as dried wax and polish. We also have long handled churn brushes for those hard to reach places and large dustpans with a stiff brush for easy cleaning and convenience.

All our brushes are competitively priced and will help improve the overall finish of your project, whether you are undertaking a construction or restoration project.

If you have any questions relating to any of the brushes in our online shop, you can contact a member of our team at Limebase, as we are always happy to help. Until then, you can browse through our collection of products in our online shop.

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Crevice Brush
£6.06 inc. VAT
4-Row Wire Brush
£4.26 inc. VAT
Large Dust Pan and Stiff Brush
£10.74 inc. VAT
Long Handled Churn Brush
£22.02 inc. VAT
Churn Brush
£11.04 inc. VAT
Poly Churn Brush
£10.26 inc. VAT
Limewash Block Brush
£7.20 inc. VAT
Jumbo Wire Brush
£8.39 inc. VAT
Steel Wire Brush
£2.28 inc. VAT
Brass Plated Wire Brush
£2.28 inc. VAT
Small s/s Wire Brush
£13.32 inc. VAT
Small p/b Wire Brush
£13.32 inc. VAT