Our aim is to bring new life into historically and important buildings whose story has not finished. We provide services and products that help restore old buildings to their former glory. We want buildings to breathe, flex and remain comfortable in its’ own skin.

Today we wanted to talk you through ways in which we support restoration work. Primarily we offer services and products that will help transform your building into a visual delight once again.

Mixing services

Our mixing services are a big part when it comes to restoring your building. You need the right consistency and mixture in order to properly restore your building. We provide a specialised mixing service, which involves preparing, mixing and bagging the mixture to your specification.

Colour Matching

It doesn’t quite look right when a building is restored, but you can clearly see where the restoration work has been done. That is where our colour matching and analysis service comes in, as we are able to match by eye, to your sample mortar. This gives your building a consistent and authentic look.


We also offer analysis services where we take a sample of existing mortar and chemically break it down to basic materials. This process allows us to replicate the sample mortar that you have provided, and we can then better accommodate the restoration of your building.


In order to truly understand your requirements, consultancy is available by telephone free of charge. We also offer site visits, as we want to provide you with the service that enables you to breathe a new lease of life into your building. Restoration products

Along with our services, we also offer products that will help you to restore your building.

Lime Putty

Our line of lime putty helps in the restoration of historical and traditional buildings when mixed with the relevant sands and stonedusts, which have been constructed with stone, cob, brick or timber. You can use lime putty to repair the damage done to your building. This putty can accommodate the movement that affects traditional structures.

Lime Mortars

If you are looking for a product that has soft and permeable qualities, look no further than lime mortars. Our selection of lime mortars are perfect for stone and brick buildings as these types of buildings were built using lime mortar.

You can restore your building to its former glory today and the first step in doing so is to look through the products we have online today.