Base Coat Medium Coarse Lime Putty Plaster – UP4

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Our UP4 Base Coat Plaster is a medium grade renovation plaster developed for use on historic and new buildings. It has a gently mottled finish with a off white beige tone and matches seamlessly with older construction works. The plaster is mixed without hair for use on brick and stone. When used as a backing plaster or scratch coat, it provides a backing coat between the masonry and the finished surface. Professionals will be able to use this base coat plaster to create a smooth surface before applying the finish-coat plaster to give a pristine finish.

Limebase have been producing quality construction products for historical renovations for over 25 years. We believe in the importance of using materials that are as closely matched to the original building as possible. This preserves aesthetics and pays tribute to the hard work of the original builders and construction workers. Our products have been used on royal palaces, churches, cathedrals and historically important listed buildings across the country.

Our Base Coat Plaster is suitable for both small and large scale projects. It can be ordered in 25kg, half tonne and one-tonne dumpy bags. We aim to bring you the finest quality renovation and repair products on the market at competitive prices. In doing so, we hope to ensure more buildings are saved from disrepair and continue to tell their story for years to come.

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