Bath Stone Coarse Building/Pointing Lime Putty Mortar – BA2

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When restoring and renovating historic buildings, it’s important that each material matches those originally used in construction as closely as possible. Using similar materials not only retains the aesthetic qualities of a traditional building, but also ensures a stronger bond between the old and new parts of the building. Over the centuries, many buildings were constructed using lime mortar, for its remarkable strength and durability.

Lime mortar is created by burning lime, which gives you quicklime. The quicklime is then slaked in water to produce putty which is used in plaster, mortar and render. Traditional coarse lime mortar is made using a carefully balanced mix of the lime base with added aggregate – ground up sand and gravel, to give it more structural integrity and produce a more powerful mortar.

Available in 25kg bags, our BA2 Coarse Mortar is also available to pre-order in bulk bags of half tonne and one tonne dumpy bags. We aim to deliver construction materials that are excellent value for money.

At Limebase, we have over 20 years of experience in renovation and restoring traditional buildings. Our products have been used for restoring a number of well-known cathedrals around the UK, including Salisbury, Westminster abbey, Windsor castle, tower of london and white tower. We pride ourselves in delivering high quality lime products that are compatible with the much-respected materials used historically in some of the world’s finest architecture.

When purchasing any of our lime-based products, our knowledgeable consultants are on hand to provide expert advice on how to get the most out of these historic building materials.

Also available to pre-order in half tonne and one tonne dumpy bags – please ring for further information.