Bath Stone Dust 10>

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Bath Stone Dust 10> (2.5mm down), a finely graded stone dust, is your go-to aggregate for creating lime mortars for bathstone masonry. With a consistent texture and unique properties, it will elevate your projects.

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Introducing Bath Stone Dust 10>, a finely graded stone dust sieved to a precise 10> (2.5mm down). This product is not just an aggregate; it’s a key component that can significantly improve the quality of your lime mortars.

What sets Bath Stone Dust 10> apart is its unique properties. Unlike regular sand or gravel, stone dust helps to plasticise the mortar. This makes it stickier and more workable, ideal for professional and DIY lime repairs alike. But the benefits of this Bath stone dust don’t stop there. Its versatility makes it suitable for a range of applications. Whether you’re creating a non-slip surface, filling in gaps between pavers, or working on a bespoke resin piece, bath stone dust is a product you can rely on.

One of the charming aspects of Bath Stone Dust 10> is its colour variation. While the actual colour may vary, this adds a touch of authenticity to your projects, contributing to a more natural and appealing look. Bath stone dust is more than just an aggregate. It’s a tool that can enhance the quality and aesthetic of your projects. Whether a professional builder or a DIY enthusiast, this Bath stone dust is a valuable addition to your toolkit.

Experience the difference Bath Stone Dust 10> can make in your projects. Its consistency, versatility, and aesthetic appeal are hard to match. Invest in Bath stone dust and take your projects to the next level.

Note: The product’s colour may vary from what is shown in the image.