Bath Stone Fine Building/Pointing Lime Putty Mortar – BA4

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Restoring and repairing an historic building is an art form, and every care should be taken to use materials that are compatible with those originally used in its construction. Over the centuries, buildings and other structures that used lime mortar have been extraordinarily durable and weather resistant. Traditional buildings such as cathedrals have stood the test of time better than many 20th century structures are expected to.

The magic of lime used in construction is perhaps a result of its simplicity and the fact that all the materials used to make lime mortar are readily available, require little processing and are from a natural source.

Lime mortar is made by burning lime to produce quicklime, which is then slaked in water to produce a thick putty. When used in mortar, the lime is exposed to air which causes it to carbonate, creating a strong mortar. This can be used in rendering, plastering and mortaring, and has been historically used in ancient buildings since as far back as the pyramids.

At Limebase, we have over three decades of experience in manufacturing Lime Putty and mortars for restoring historic buildings using the finest traditional materials. Our lime products are carefully crafted from a deep understanding of the construction process. Our BA4 fine mortar 25kg bag is a fine, cream-coloured mix that is ready to use for a range of building jobs. Available in 25kg bags, our BA4 Fine Mortar is also available to pre-order in bulk bags of half tonne and one tonne dumpy bags.