Brass Plated Wire Brush

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Explore Limebase’s brass-plated wire brush, a must-have for any construction project. With its solid plastic handle and rust-resistant brass-plated bristles, this brush is designed for durability and efficiency. Please note the handle colour may vary. The bristle length is 3.5cm, and the total length, including the handle, is 26cm.

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Are you in the construction industry looking for a reliable and durable tool? Look no further than Limebase’s brass-plated wire brush. This isn’t just any brush; it’s a tool designed with your needs in mind.

Our brass-plated wire brush features a solid plastic handle and brass-plated bristles, ensuring durability and resistance to rust and corrosion. The bristles are 3.5cm long, perfect for reaching those hard-to-reach places. The total length of the brush, including the handle, is 26cm, making it comfortable to hold and easy to manoeuvre. Imagine having a tool that meets and exceeds your construction needs. A tool that is resistant to the harsh conditions of a construction site yet delicate enough to handle detailed work.

The brass-plated wire brush from Limebase is that tool. It’s about more than just the practicality, in any case. We understand that aesthetics matter too. Remember, a good tool is an investment in your work, and our brass-plated wire brush is an investment that will pay dividends in the quality and efficiency of your construction projects.

Don’t wait for your current tools to let you down. Upgrade your toolbox with the brass-plated wire brush from Limebase today.

Note: The product’s colour may vary from what is shown in the image.