Bucket Trowel – extra large

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This Silverline Bucket Trowel was designed to remove mortar and plaster from buckets safely and conveniently. This trowel will get the job done smoothly and effortlessly, so you can easily remove all the mortar from your bucket.

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The bucket trowel is extra large and made from carbon steel for strength and durability. It has a profiled hardwood handle, a crimped ferrule, and a soft grip handle. This trowel has a fully lacquered finish and will have a long service life if it is regularly maintained. It also has an 18cm long trowel blade tapering from 10.9cm to 9cm that has been shaped for scraping out mortar from containers with minimal waste. Make sure to clean the trowel thoroughly, then dry it and lightly oil it before storing it away.

We aim to provide our customers with the best possible products for them to use. Our products can be used in various situations, from general household usage to building work. The bucket trowel is just an example of that. It is useful for scraping out other materials from buckets. The trowel is easy to clean and can also mix cement. The trowel is reliable and robust and will last many years if properly looked after.

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