Buxton Quick Lime 15kg bag

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Buxton Quick Lime is widely recognised throughout the construction industry for both it’s quality and performance. Its versatile nature means it’s suitable for a wide range of restoration projects while still living up to expectations. The putty is both breathable and flexible, resulting in long-term results that have a matured look right from the beginning. It can also be coloured with natural earth pigments, perfect for when restoration work needs to match existing limewash.

The Buxton Quick Lime is also cost-effective, allowing you to effectively manage each project’s overall budget, while the 15kg bag means you don’t have to purchase excess material. The lime product also boasts being environmentally friendly, ideal for projects that aim to consider nature and sustainability. It’s an all-round product that can meet the demands of a variety of projects, including repairing fine cracks that have appeared and acting as a bright white limewash.