Casein 100g

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Used as a natural glue, this Casein is specifically designed for use on historic buildings. It is a traditional and naturally permeable paint which decorates all manner of classic building resources. Use on lime plaster, lime render, limestone, soft brick and porous materials.

In normal cases, Casein is added to improve the adhesion of a product to its surface. It can also be used to improve rain-shedding properties when placed on the outside of a building. This is particularly beneficial to limewashes which do not ‘dry’ like modern paints. Instead, they set through a reaction with the atmospheric carbon dioxide when in the presence of moisture.

Casein is a highly versatile choice. It can be used both internally and externally, to suit your buildings needs. Tailored towards the restoration industry, this powerful material has long been a staple feature in walls and finishes. By sticking to traditional construction methods, you ensure the integrity of a building along with its aesthetical beauty and historic purpose. Along with the other lines available in our online collection, it is a high-quality choice for those who deal with iconic, ageing and protected buildings all over the country.

Limebase has over 25 years of experience in the conservation and repair of historic and new buildings. Some of the many projects we have been involved with include cathedrals across Exeter, Rochester and Canterbury. If you have any questions about our Casein or any other traditional building product, contact our friendly and expert team here today.