Close Face Coarse Lime Putty Render/Plaster – CFR

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For external rendering, our CFR Close Face Render is a tailored mixed product. It has been designed for suitability to historic renovations and repairs. Here at Limebase, we believe in the importance in the use of aesthetically and structurally accurate building products for old building repairs. Not only does this preserve the look, but it also pays homage to the hard work of previous builders and ensures further stability down the line.

Our Close Face Render contains a combination of course and fine material. This will be visually evident once it dries, giving off a warm beige colour with visible inclusions. When used professionally, it enables you to achieve a tighter finish on a render. A job completed to this level will improve the breathability of the surface by taking on moisture and releasing it. This finish provides the building with structural integrity and beauty in an elegant historic building that is in need of repair. Our render is sourced from an independent and respected source, ensuring we bring you only the highest quality batches.

This render is suitable for both small and large scale projects. It is available to purchase online in 25kg bags. If you require larger quantities, it can also be ordered in both half tonne and one-tonne dumpy bags. With every project, we aim to bring you high-quality products that provide exceptional value for money.

With over 25 years experience in our trade, we are able to offer advice and recommendations per project. Contact us today for more information.