Coarse Washed Building Sand (4mm down) – CWS2

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Make beautiful Lime Mortars and renders with this well-graded building sand 0-4mm in size.

CWS2 is a coarse sand with a well-graded distribution between coarse and fine particles. This coarse sand can be used for any number of jobs. It is particularly suitable for pointing and building with stone and other masonry. The sand is washed to remove impurities and silt content within the aggregate.

This building sand we supply is a medium-well-graded coarse sand with coarse, medium, and fine particles, suitable for use in mortars and renders. Unlike many other sands on the market today, CWS2 is consistently graded to ensure that you are not paying for a mixture that’s either too fine or too coarse. It is important to note however that this sand is a natural product and because of this the colour and texture may change slightly over time.

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