Fine Finish Lime Putty Plaster – FP23

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Giving a smooth finish, our FP23 Extra Fine Finish Plaster has been mixed specifically for use on historical and new buildings. We understand how important matching colour and finish are when renovating important rooms. By choosing a product that is closely matched to the original material, you achieve a significantly more streamlined finish. In addition, historically accurate materials actively improve structural integrity and ensure elegant buildings are always there to appreciate.

This extra fine plaster is formulated to give a smooth and professional finish. A combination of silver sand and lime putty provide strength along with a off white and lightly textured surface. This combination allows us to create a look akin to that of many older buildings and one that breathes life back into worn spaces. We source all of our materials from reputable sources, with our lime coming directly from an independent supplier in Singleton Birch, Lincolnshire. In doing so, we monitor the quality of every batch and the results our customers can expect to see.

No matter the size of your project, the FP23 is an elegant and practical choice. We can supply it in our online store in 25kg or 500kg bags.

We have over 25 years experience making and supplying quality materials for historical renovations. Contact us today for more information about our extra fine plaster or any of the products available in our online store.