Fine Holme Building Sand (2mm down) – HS

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Fine Holme building sand with a rich brown colour that is ideal for pointing, rendering, and lime work. Small shell fragments give this sand a subtle white fleck.

The holme sand in this image has a wonderful brown colour and was dredged from the banks of a river. It is a fine, clean sand and consists of very small fragments of shells. When used with lime, it makes for an excellent pointing sand and is also excellent for rendering or plastering.

It is ideal for pointing out fine stonework. It is easy to obtain, versatile in use and is an ideal medium for rendering and mortar mixes. It is used with lime to make a perfect, homogeneous mortar mix. It is also used to create thin joints that allow stones to “breathe” in dry stone walls.

So, whatever your project or requirements, pick up a bag of Holme fine building sand, and you will see for yourself why this sand has been the choice of professionals for generations!