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SS Sand is fine sand, which is often used by plasterers to make finishes and renders. Because of this, it is the perfect sand for all your plastering and rendering projects.

Fine silver building sand is the ideal sand for making plasters, skim coats and finishes. Its clean appearance and fine grains make it a perfect material for plastering ceilings and walls, creating a beautiful smooth or textured finish depending on its use. It is a pure, clean sand that is free of any organic matter. It is a lighter, finer sand used in a variety of applications in construction, and is particularly useful in mortar mixes for decorative plastering and texture coats. You will find it in many plasterer’s mixes, render mixes and mortar mixes.

Our fine silver building sand is one of the most popular sands on the market and is used by professional plasterers. Fine silver building sand is a fantastic addition to any construction project. Silver sand is an excellent, cost-effective building solution.

If you are looking for a high-quality building sand product, you are in the right place. Speak to our team today if you have any questions about our fine silver building sand, or if you would like more information or advice.