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The Trend for Lime Mortar

The beauty of lime mortar can be seen in many of the historic buildings and structures still around today. Sympathetic to the original materials used, lime mortar is strong and supportive without degrading brickwork.

The trend for replacing lime mortar with the stronger Portland cement mortar is gradually being reversed. This is because the limestone used for building is incompatible with the strength of the cement, and can become damaged.

Replacing cement with new lime mortar prevents the stone from deteriorating further, and also restores the natural beauty of the building.

Why Choose Lime Mortar?

As well as being more compatible with stone and brick, there are a number of reasons to choose lime mortar:

  • Available in a range of colours rather than just the plain grey of cement, lime mortar complements the natural beauty of the building.
  • Lime mortar flexes with the walls of a structure, absorbing moisture and allowing slight movement which reduces stress and cracking.
  • Lime mortar takes less energy to produce, releasing less carbon dioxide in the process.
  • Lime mortar is recyclable, even when attached to brickwork, making it a greener choice for the planet. Cement mortar cannot be recycled and when stuck to bricks, they cannot be recycled.

Our Fine Lime Mortar

Our fine lime mortar is available in a soft beige and suitable for a range of general building work including render and plastering.

Buy now in a 25kg bag or pre-order half tonne or one tonne dumpy bags for bigger projects. Call us today to order or find out more.