General Medium Building/Pointing Lime Putty Mortar – GBM

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Our selection of lime-based mortars continues with the high-performing GBM Medium Coarse Mortar. Mortar is the must-have and only realistic option for joining stone and blocks together in the knowledge that they can remain intact for a lifetime.

As our GBM Medium Coarse Mortar is a valued member of our lime mortar range, it has some added benefits. Lime mortar is softer than its competitors which can benefit the stability of a structure and its ability to avoid unwanted moisture. Our GBM Medium Coarse Mortar will allow movement within the structure to make it more stable and encourage the release of moisture. Even over time, when the lime mortar becomes softer, they will remain functional. Their performance is matched with appearance as these materials are some of the most aesthetically pleasing mortars on the market and the reddish colour is the easiest to match with contemporary and some not-so-contemporary common building materials.

Key Qualities

  • Aesthetically matches most contemporary and older premises
  • Expels moisture through breathable quality
  • Helps stabilize building
  • Reliable and Robust

Want More?

It is not uncommon for us to receive much bigger quantity requests than the standard 25kg quantities that we sell at. Our valued customers are our priority and to meet your needs we can accommodate large orders with pre-warning. To make a significant order of our GBM Medium Coarse Mortar up to one ton, give us a call on 01460 281921.