GM279 Medium Fine Mortar

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Lime Mortar – Used for Centuries

Lime mortar has been used as pointing, render and in bricklaying for thousands of years in various forms, a traditional material that still has relevance today.

Despite the emergence of stronger materials such as Portland cement mortar, many architects and builders still prefer to use lime mortar.

Many buildings which used cement mortar to replace the original lime mortar are now having to backtrack, removing the cement and replacing the lime. This is because Portland cement mortar is not sympathetic to the original build causing degradation within the limestone and in some cases leading to damp too.

The Case for Lime Mortar

Older buildings weren’t constructed with such deep foundations, instead being built with the intention to allow slight movement. Lime mortar is flexible and allows this subtle shift which means fewer cracks in the masonry and less stress on the construction.

Lime mortar also absorbs moisture, allowing walls to breathe and preventing damp.

By contrast cement mortar restricts the movement of moisture which can lead to damp being trapped inside, rather than being reabsorbed.

Lime mortar has a lower carbon footprint during production too and is completely recyclable.

Choose our GM279 Medium Fine Lime Mortar

Available in a grey/black colour, our GM279 medium fine mortar can be used for a variety of construction projects including render, plaster, pointing and bricklaying.

Purchase in a 25kg bag today or give us a call to pre-order a half tonne or one tonne dumpy bag for bigger projects.