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These general-purpose, clear polycarbonate goggles, with a vented surround and an adjustable elastic strap, are ideal for most working environments to keep your eyes protected.

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They have a flexible PVC frame with a widescreen and a non-reflecting effect. The vented frame allows for air circulation and prevents fogging, and the lens is removable and washable for convenience. The elastic strap is adjustable to fit all head sizes. The goggles are of exceptional quality and are clear, lightweight, and comfortable. They protect your eyes in most working situations, such as against liquids, dust, flying debris, and other airborne particles. Perfect for most work situations, offering the wearer a wide field of vision and protection from possible injuries.

The goggles have a rubber strap and provide comfort as they are soft on the face and fit well. They stay on your face well and are comfortable on the eyes without having too much pressure. The polycarbonate lenses fit securely, look good, are very light and allow for glasses to be worn underneath. The side straps keep the goggles secure on your face and prevent the lenses from falling off.

With so many companies offering safety equipment for their employees, it’s imperative your company stays ahead of the competition, so why not purchase your safety goggles today.