Haired Medium Coarse Lime Putty Plaster – HP4

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Our HP4 Haired Plaster has been specially formulated to meet the needs of historical building renovation. The importance of matching colour, consistency and finish when it comes to traditional building materials has a drastic impact on the finished result. The right materials give structural integrity and beauty to already elegant buildings in their prime.

This medium grade plaster with mixed in hair can be used on lath ceilings, partitions and walls. With the hair acting as a reinforcement for added strength, it can also be spread on to brick and stone to provide the suitable base coat required. We use lime and sand to create a suitable texture and include horse hair as a binder to add strength and reduce both shrinking and cracking. Our lime comes from an independent source in Singleton Birch in Lincolnshire which affords us the opportunity to make sure every batch is of the highest quality.

Suitable for small and large scale projects, we can supply our HP4 Haired Plaster in 25kg bags. For more demanding requirements, these bags are able to pre-order in both half tonne and one tonne dumpy bags. Our aim is to always provide exceptional value for money while bringing you construction materials you can trust.

With over 20 years experience in our field, we have provided lime mortar and plaster to some of the most iconic building renovations of our time. Buildings such as Westminster Abbey, Windsor Castle and The Tower of London play host to our traditional materials in their restorations.