Ham Stone Dark Coarse Building/Pointing Lime Putty Mortar – GM248

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Lime Mortar – A Traditional Choice

Lime mortar was a traditional choice for construction and stonework and rendering, providing a sympathetic support to the stone structure.

Over the years, some builders switched to Portland cement mortar, preferring its superior strength. However, this strength which was originally thought to be an advantage proved to be incompatible with stone and brick, causing damage to the original structure.

Lime mortar is now being used to repoint and replace the cement mortar used, providing protection to the stone and brick, creating a far more aesthetically pleasing result.

Reasons to Choose Lime Mortar

Although lime mortar is a traditional choice, it’s also a very contemporary product too, offering advantages that cement can’t compete with.

Lime mortar is the greener of the two, producing less energy while it’s being made and giving off lower amounts of carbon dioxide. Lime mortar can also be recycled too, and if it’s still attached to any bricks, they can also be reused. Cement mortar is not recyclable and if it’s stuck on bricks, it renders them unusable too for anything other than hardcore.

Although lime mortar may not be as strong as cement, it offers different qualities. Lime mortar isn’t rigid and unbending, instead offering a slight flex to allow the structure to naturally shift. This reduces the pressure on the construction and prevents cracking in the masonry.

Create a Beautiful Finish With Our Coarse Mortar

Our GM248 coarse mortar is available in a deep warm brown, a soft toned colour that is complementary to natural stone. Suitable for all types of construction including laying stone, pointing and render.

Available in a 25kg bag but for larger projects, pre-order a half tonne or one tonne dumpy bag by calling us today.