Ham Stone Fine Building/Pointing Lime Putty Mortar – HM40

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Historically, lime mortar has long been used to hold buildings together and provide the glue that supports them for many years. Our HM40 Fine Mortar is no exception and has been produced to help support the maintenance requirements of older buildings. It has a remarkable strength when dry and weather resistance which ensures it will stay put for many years to come.

With over 20 years experience, Limebase have become an integral feature in the repair and restoration of historic buildings. Our fine mortar comes in a warm, buff colour – designed to replace older mortar seamlessly without impacting the aesthetics of these cherished buildings. The fine texture is produced through blending sand with lime putty to produce a solution that is stronger against cracking than other solutions.

All of our lime products are produced specifically for restorative work. We use the finest materials and work with local suppliers to match colour and texture as accurately as possible. When working on a restoration project, we produce lime mortars that are compatible with the materials already found on the building and ones that continue to allow the walls to breathe.

This HM40 Fine Mortar is available to purchase online in 25kg bags or to pre-order in half tonne and one-tonne dumpy bags. Contact us at Limebase today for a full consultation. With a wealth of knowledge on our side, we can provide advice on sourcing the right lime-based products and how to get the best out of restorative work for historic architectural projects.