Ham Stone Light Coarse Building/Pointing Lime Putty Mortar – HM3

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Our Coarse Mortar has been specially designed for use on stonework found in historic or classical buildings. Here at Lime Base, we strive to maintain the classical aesthetics of these significant buildings and produce products to help achieve this. Our high-quality mortar is provided at the best prices, to suit every budget and has been designed to offer exceptional performance.

To restore and renovate a historic building, it is important to keep the aesthetical beauty in mind. By keeping construction materials as close to those originally used, it ensures a stronger bond between any new extension. Manufactured in-house, this warm beige mortar blends beautifully with aged stonework. It’s soft and permeable qualities ensure that the building in question is able to breathe and move freely after any renovation work is undertaken.

Lime mortar is created by burning lime, which gives you quicklime. The quicklime is then mixed in water to produce putty which is used in plaster, mortar and render. Traditional coarse lime mortar is made using a carefully balanced mix of the lime base with added aggregate – sand, grit and stonedust, to give it more structural integrity and produce a more powerful mortar.

Here at Limebase, we provide coarse mortar for a range of different products. Our HM# Coarse Mortar is available to order in bulk, with half-tonne and one-tonne dumpy bags provided in our offering. If you require additional information regarding any of our lime-based product, our expert consultants are on hand to provide advice and recommendations at any time.