Ham Stone Medium Building/Pointing Lime Putty Mortar – GM253

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The Beauty of Lime Mortar

Lime mortar was always the traditional choice for limestone buildings, available in a range of natural colours to complement the appearance of the stonework.

Softer and permeable, lime mortar was a less rigid option for bricklaying and pointing, allowing the building to breathe.

In recent years Portland cement mortar has taken over but increasingly problems are being identified when used with stone. The hardness of the cement mortar isn’t compatible with stone and when used together, damage is being caused to the original stonework.

For this reason, it’s recommended to remove cement mortar from stone and replace with lime mortar instead.

A Thoroughly Modern Choice

Although lime mortar has been used throughout history, it’s just as relevant today, offering benefits that cement mortar simply can’t match.

Here are some of the reasons why lime mortar is still highly sought after:

  • Available in a range of natural colours which complement the stonework.
  • Low energy production, releasing lower amounts of carbon dioxide when compared to cement mortar.
  • Green and recyclable, unlike cement mortar which cannot be reused.
  • Flexible and strong, lime mortar absorbs moisture and allows a small amount of movement. This prevents stress on the structure and minimises any cracking of masonry.

Choose our GM253 Medium Coarse Lime Mortar

Our GM253 medium coarse lime mortar is offered in a light honey colour. A beautiful tone for render, plastering and pointing, this mortar is suitable for a range of construction purposes.

Available in a 25kg to purchase or contact us today to pre-order a half tonne or one tonne dumpy bag.