Medium Washed Building Sand (4mm down) – MPS

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MPS is medium-coarse sand used in our premixed lime mortars, plasters and renders.

If you’re looking for medium sand, then look no further than our medium-washed building sand. This product is well-graded sand, which means it has suitable amounts of coarse, medium and fine grains, it is ideal for lime mortars and plasters. It is also used with hydraulic lime for brickwork projects.

Building sand is an easy way to get a great-looking finish every time. It is multi-purpose sand making it ideal for lime mortar and plaster. This sand can be utilised with hydraulic lime – to make an excellent brick-pointing mortar. For plastering and rendering applications we recommend this sand is mixed with our mature lime putty. Lime putty can be purchased in bags, tubs or large bulk bags ready to be mixed with sand straight away, hassle-free.

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