MH180 Sand

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Are you in need of coarse, honey-coloured sand? MH180 is excellent sand for use with hydraulic lime or putty lime applications.

MH180 is made using our CWS2 coarse-washed sand. We blend this sand with crushed hamstone dust to give it a beautiful warm honey colour. When mixed with our lime putty or a hydraulic lime it is an ideal mortar to compliment hamstone, or orange stone wall.

Uses: MH180 is a coarse blended sand that can be used with natural hydraulic lime 2, 3.5, or 5 (depending on what the application is) for building and rendering where a coarse sand with a warm honey colour is required. It has good cohesion and tensile strength, when mixed with hydraulic lime or putty. This is because its a well-graded sand, meaning it has sufficient coarse, medium and fine grains to ensure a good bond.

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Please note: the colours may vary from batch to batch.