NHL2 St Astier Natural Hydraulic Lime 25kg

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St Astier Natural Hydraulic Lime, stocked at Limebase, is one of the best hydraulic limes on the market.

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These excellent construction limes from France comply with all BS EN 459-1 2001 criteria. St. Astier natural hydraulic lime is used in lime mortars for various applications. When applied to most masonry surfaces, lime mortars have exceptional workability and good breathability properties. Additionally, lime mortars can increase flexibility and retain a high degree of cohesiveness with minimal shrinkage.

St. Astier NHL 2 is a highly versatile product with different types of lime for different applications. NHL 2 lime is classed as feebly hydraulic. This means it is suitable for internal and sheltered external work. It is the softest hydraulic lime and as such can protect soft masonry and bricks.

If you have questions about this product or any other product we offer, feel free to contact us. NHL2 St Astier Natural Hydraulic Lime is available in 25kg bags.