NHL3.5 Singleton Birch Natural Hydraulic Lime 25kg

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If you want to repoint or render your masonry, then NHL3.5 Singleton Birch Natural Hydraulic Lime is for you.

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Singleton Birch NHL3.5 Natural Hydraulic Lime has a faster setting time than putty based lime and is moderately hydraulic. This means NHL 3.5 is suitable for most external work, even in moderately exposed areas. The majority of its applications, including masonry, repointing, and rendering, make it the most commonly used NHL. Hydraulic lime solidifies through a process known as hydrolysis, which is a chemical reaction sparked by water. They are more suitable for external applications, especially in damp or exposed conditions, since they set faster and last longer than non-hydraulic limes. Since the hydraulic lime is sold in bagged form, it can be combined and used in a similar manner as contemporary cement.

NHL3.5 Natural Hydraulic Lime is available from Limebase in 25kg bags. If you need to talk to us about this product or any other product, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.