Nitrile Gloves XL

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These nitrile gloves are convenient, inexpensive, and tear-resistant, and they are also easily disposed of.

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Because these nitrile gloves are impermeable to punctures and give protection against germs and harmful chemicals, they are ideal for those who work in environments where infection or exposure is a worry. These gloves are also non-sterile, robust, and fit either hand; they fit pleasantly, and they are non-sterile and have a powder-free formulation for easy grip.

These disposable nitrile gloves come in boxes of 100 and are preferred over latex gloves because they are more durable and resistant. Latex gloves are less durable and uncomfortable than nitrile gloves, but nitrile gloves are less likely to rip and help prevent latex allergies while also providing improved virus protection and chemical and adhesive resistance.

Disposable latex gloves are convenient solutions for protecting your hands against splashes in a range of settings like gardening, food preparation, laboratory work, medical operations, construction scenarios, and household cleaning and maintenance, making them ideal for cleaning tasks both indoors and outdoors as they are very strong and have a high resistance to tearing or punctures. If you are unsure which latex disposable gloves to purchase, please contact us.