Plasterers Trowel

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These professional plasterers’ trowels have been ergonomically engineered for user comfort and performance.

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The Builders Basics Plasterers Float (Trowel) from Limebase provides amateur and beginner plasterers with great tools to complete their projects. The versatile tool can also be used for decorative purposes, such as exterior finishes. Lightweight, portable, and highly durable, the float is ideal for indoor and outdoor use. The ergonomic wooden handle and the 12cm x 28cm blade allow the user to work comfortably for extended periods. This tool is extremely robust as it is made from hardened and tempered steel. It is a light, well-balanced finishing trowel that gives professional quality finishes every time.

The versatile plastering trowel can be used inside and outside to give a professional finish. The unique blade design provides great pick-up and is easy to keep clean. The strong wooden handle provides optimum comfort and control, and the lightweight design allows for easy use on various surfaces. Any toolbox will benefit from adding a plastering trowel, helping the user to complete any job professionally, large or small. This plastering trowel perfectly suits various trades such as building, decorating and plastering.

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