Poly Sponge Float – fine

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Give your final finish a new lease on life with a quality sponge float from Limebase!

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Few products can compare to fine sponge float pads when it comes to polishing or finishing plaster surfaces. These lightweight sponge pads are great for finishing grainy surfaces such as sand and cement mixes or applying certain plaster finishes. With our float pads, you can be sure that your finished surface will be smooth, level, and consistent in texture. Sponge floats are popular with professional contractors, decorators, and DIY enthusiasts alike.

A fine plaster finish is the hallmark of a fine renovation. Whatever type of finishing project you have in mind, our sponge float pads are the way to go. They’re available in many sizes, so you won’t have to guesswork to get the right size for your project. Plus, they’re made of quality sponge material bonded to a lightweight polyurethane float, so they’ll last. Available in 140×230mm. Get yours today.

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