Raw Linseed Oil 500ml

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Our Raw Linseed oil is a finishing product, designed for use in historic and traditional buildings. It helps you to obtain the perfect matching colour along with heightened durability and longevity. All of these factors are put in place to ensure these iconic buildings are still around for us all to appreciate, many years from today.

Linseed oil is a natural based vegetable oil. It is best regarded for its ability to penetrate, nourish and protect unsealed wood. When it comes to building repair, it is commonly used to protect oak beams and other wooden features kept inside. Due to its versatility, raw linseed oil is also the perfect choice for the conservation and preservation of other items including cricket bats, for example.

Where appropriate, it can be blended with limewash. As a decorative finish, this increases its durability and water repelling ability, whilst retaining breathability and further improveing the integrity of any building. Traditional construction materials such as this are vital to preserving the aesthetics and charm of older buildings. By closely matching original features, we are able to maintain the store of any space and help it stay on for longer, for appreciation by many more after us.

Limebase has over 25 years of experience in the conservation and repair of historic buildings. We have worked on many buildings across the UK, including cathedrals in Salisbury, Canterbury and Wells. If you have any questions about our Raw Linseed Oil 5l, contact our friendly and expert team today who can provide the advice needed to find the right product.