Safety Glasses

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These clear-lens safety glasses are the right choice for any professional, and they are the most commonly used safety glasses on the market. They offer excellent levels of safety and protection and feature unique updates.

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For people with narrow facial profiles, the current contour form and flexibility of the frame, along with the polycarbonate wraparound clear lens, provide a good, versatile fit. These safety glasses have translucent arms with low impact energy at extreme temperatures, and they are very lightweight and comfortable. They are optical class 1 and conform to the EN166:2001 standard for personal eye protection, which is important in protecting eyes from dangerous particles or radiation that can cause damage, like sandblasters, cement mixers, or even ultraviolet (UV) radiation.

These are not used for nuclear radiation or x-rays, as they are covered by separate standards (EN 207+ A1 and EN 207+ A2 respectively), but this does not apply to eye protection, which has its own set of regulations (e.g. anti-laser eye protection, sunglasses for general use). The lens completes a full wraparound, and they leave no part of the user’s face unprotected. Their industrial-grade frames and lenses provide significant eye protection for your personnel.

All kinds of workplaces use these safety glasses to enhance their workplace safety, making these safety glasses a great choice for any business. These are the perfect tools for keeping your employees protected, and we offer these safety glasses at an affordable price.

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