Safety Sunglasses

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3M™ Virtua™ Safety Sunglasses are unisex, wrap-around safety glasses that offer low-cost protection.

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These protective glasses feature wrap-around lenses that allow for excellent full coverage without obstruction, a wide field of view, and contoured flexible temples to ensure comfort. For further protection, they boast an ultra-lightweight frame and impact-resistant lenses. The lens has an anti-scratch coating for better durability, and the integrated side shields give additional protection from flying objects. These safety glasses also feature a blue tint for better visibility in overcast or hazy conditions.

They are easy to clean with soap and mild detergent. These safety glasses provide affordable and protective eyewear for industrial and home use. The lenses are anti-fog coated to prevent eye fatigue, and the lenses are also anti-scratch treated, preventing any scratches and damage to the lenses. The safety glasses offer comfort with cushioned nose pads and non-slip temple straps.

The clear lens tints reduce eye strain, and the wrap-around frame design gives protection from all sides. Men and women alike will appreciate the protection from flying objects that these safety glasses provide. It’s critical to protect yourself when working in an industrial environment. These safety glasses can help to keep you protected from hazards such as splashback from chemicals, smoke, dust, and debris that can injure your eyes or worse.

It’s easy to focus on working when you can see what you’re working on clearly and without distraction. When working with a wide range of tools, you need to protect your eyes from the tools and the flying debris being flung about at high speeds, creating flying shards that can seriously damage your eyes or off-target projectiles that leave you vulnerable to injury. Shop with us today to find the ideal pair of safety glasses to suit your working needs.